FunToSee Tatty Teddy Big Bear Room Stickers


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Decorate walls and furniture with these 2 sheets of huge, huggable Tatty Teddy stickers. Peal each repositionable sticker from the sheet and create a welcome room for your baby or child.

2 Extra Large Tatty Teddy Stickers (39cm / 15.3" Tall)
16 patterned buttons (5 6.5cm / 2 2.5" wide)
12 bows (6cm / 2.3" wide)

Me to You Bears, also known as the Tatty Teddy is the famous grey bear with the blue nose and patches. There's one for every occasion.


  • 30 pre-cut room stickers
  • Re-stickable and cleanly removable
  • Be creative - use on walls,windows, furniture and mirrors
  • Create an adorable feature wall in a nursery or child's room
  • Splash-proof and washable


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